Merge Two Facebook Pages with Different Names

Merge Two Facebook Pages With Different Names: If you have 2 web pages for the same brand/business, you can combine them. However you could only do it if you are the admin of both the pages. Prior to you begin the combining process, let the target market of both Pages understand that you are in the process of merging Pages!

Merge Two Facebook Pages With Different Names

If you have 2 Facebook Pages for the exact same point, you may have the ability to merge them if:

- You're an admin of both Pages
- Your Pages have similar names as well as stand for the same thing
- Your Pages have the very same address if they have physical locations

To merge your Pages:

- Go to
- Select 2 Pages you want to combine as well as click Continue
- Click Request Merge


If you're not able to combine your Pages, it means that your Pages typically aren't eligible to be combined. If you see the alternative to demand to combine your Pages, Facebook will certainly evaluate your demand.

The Page you intend to keep will stay unmodified, with the exception of the enhancement of people that like the Web page and also check-ins that were combined from the other Web page. The Web page you don't intend to maintain will certainly be gotten rid of from Facebook, and also you won't have the ability to unmerge it.

The Effect of Merging Two Facebook Pages

When you are merging 2 Facebook web pages together, you have to opt to merge one web page into another. The web page that is merged will essentially disappear and also the posts of that web page are not incorporated right into the timeline. However, you will certainly maintain your fans and also any kind of check-ins from the merged web page.