Logout Facebook

Logout Facebook: In order to fully logout of Facebook you will certainly have to logout of both Facebook applications. This short article describes the procedure of logging out of Facebook on your phone.

If you're seeking to learn the best ways to log out of Facebook on your computer, Android, apple iphone please checked out listed below.

Logout Facebook

how to log out of Facebook on your computer system

Go to Facebook, check to see if your visited, and if so just click the drop-down menu alongside "Home" on the right-hand man side, scroll down and click logout.

Logout of Facebook on Android

I assume here that you are presently logged right into Facebook on your Android phone.

Click on the Facebook application from your Application listing:.

Click on the icon on the much left hand edge with a blue border as well as three straight lines - I have actually highlighted the icon with an eco-friendly square.

This will fill the Facebook menu.

On the Facebook menu, scroll down till you see "Account"- you will certainly see a gear icon on the left hand side of it.

Once you've clicked "Account" a menu will show up over the top which will certainly then provide you the choice to "Log out" of Facebook on your phone.

Click "Log Out" as well as you will be asked to "verify" your choice.

You will certainly currently be logged out of Facebook on your Android phone.

Logout of Facebook on iPhone

On your iPhone Facebook application, Tap on 'More' from Base right corner of screen.

Scroll down screen at last as well as faucet on "Log Out" option.