How to Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook - I have no idea when it transformed, but I just dislike how on Facebook it currently immediately plays video clips that are in my information stream when they get on screen. And provided my friend's senses of humor, it threatens also because a lot is NSFW. How do I disable this "attribute" Dave?

First off, in case you haven't seen the acronym previously, NSFW = Not Appropriate For Work, an elegant method of saying "man, you do NOT want your employer strolling by when you have this on display!" Things NSFW are usually also NSFC (not suitable for kids) either, if you're assuming that working from house shields you from that office procedure problem.

To disable the video clip autoplay function from your mobile device (tablet computer or smartphone) you'll want to follow my earlier tutorial: The best ways to rapidly disable video clip autoplay on your smart phone.

Disabling it in the Internet browser is simple also, as well as that it's so easy informs me that it is without a doubt a new enhancement to the zillion Facebook privacy, safety and also choice setups.

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook

Begin by clicking on the triangle down icon that's on the leading right of every Facebook screen:

Select "Settings" near all-time low, then look on the left side of the resultant page of options. Near all-time low of the list of settings you'll see this:.

The choice you desire is highlighted in the picture: "Videos".

Click on it, and there's one lonely access:.

That's the option. Select "Off" rather than the default of "On" and also you'll ready to go, without those pesky videos immediately playing and owning you insane!