How to Tag In Facebook Comment

How To Tag In Facebook Comment: Facebook tags provide your friends a heads up when you're stating them in an article on the social networking site. Use the tags include to discuss that you're with currently, include close friends in a blog post concerning future strategies or just tease someone in a comment. Whenever you tag a good friend, Facebook notifies her; the whole post in which she is labelled likewise shows up on her Facebook wall.

How To Tag In Facebook Comment

Step 1

Click on the "Write a comment ..." field at the end of any type of Facebook message to which you have opportunities to comment. You are permitted to comment on your very own articles and blog posts on pages of your confirmed good friends.

Step 2

Type the "@" symbol as well as the very first few letters of the name of the individual to be tagged.

Step 3

Select your pal from the checklist that Facebook immediately generates based on the letters you entered. Click a close friend's name once to pick her.

Step 4

Repeat Step 2 and also Action 3 for each and every person you want to identify. Regular message can additionally be placed prior to and also after each tag.

Tip 5

Hit the "Enter" key to upload the comment.

I hope you have actually discovered how-to tag individuals on Facebook comments now. So maintain sharing with your close friends and enjoy. If you have any type of queries, you can utilize the comment box.