How to Remove My Phone Number From Facebook

How To Remove My Phone Number From Facebook: Facebook is one social media which needs the majority of your basic info especially at the point of developing account, which includes your telephone number.

However, some individuals who included their phone number to their Facebook profile, wind up getting unrequested calls from complete strangers that find the telephone number on Facebook

This has actually posed an obstacle to many, and also really unfortunate, some of them do not know they could remover their contact number from their Facebook profile, as well as some who know it is possible to get rid of, do not know a lot on how to get rid of telephone number from Facebook account

This singular trouble or obstacle has motivated this extremely short article to show you in genuine feeling with photos overview on the best ways to eliminate your phone number from your Facebook profile.

Without wasting time, let us look the overview and actions to remove your telephone number from Facebook.

How To Remove My Phone Number From Facebook

1. Login your Facebook account.

2. Click the small arrow (which points down at the far top right corner of your Facebook web page).

3. From the listing of drop down options, Click on "Settings", and a new page opens up.

4. Look very well to see "Contact", then click "Edit" which is simply opposite yet in line with "Contact". This will bring out the choice of adding another email or telephone number which reads "Add another email or mobile number".

5. At this point, remove your telephone number as well as add your email address. By this you have removed your phone number which used to be there.

KEEP IN MIND: If you actually do not want individuals to interrupt you by picking your contact number from Facebook and also calling you, then follow the above steps to eliminate your telephone number from your Facebook account. Or additionally seek out for Facebook personal privacy setups to set that can see your telephone number on Facebook. As well as you could really establish it such that just you could see your telephone number.

Examine Number 4 Of This Facebook Personal Privacy Setups I Have Actually Offered Here To See Ways To Hide Contact Number.

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