How to Erase All Facebook Posts

How To Erase All Facebook Posts: It's very easy to delete a single Facebook message, yet it could be difficult to remove greater than one blog post. There're lots of websites provide the opportunity to clear Facebook wall surface, the majority of them are frauds, they get your personal information and do not erase anything at all. On this tutorial we'll see the best ways to erase all Facebook articles.

How To Erase All Facebook Posts


Right here we will certainly make use of an expansion to remove all Facebook timeline articles.

Remember itwon't be erasing your good friend's tags yet itwill delete just your message.

Follow the below steps and also clean your Facebook timeline message.


1) First of all open your Internet browser then install the extension. here

2) Set up Facebook remove my Timeline Message for Google Chrome Users as well as Install Facebook Remove my timeline

Message form Mozilla Firefox customer.

3) Now most likely to your Facebook Timeline andclick on the expansion button on righthand top.

4) Currently it will ask are you certain to proceed after that click OK button.

5) Now simply wait and see the expansion will erase your timeline article immediately.


Comply with all the steps very carefully

How to Mass Remove Facebook Wall Surface Posts on Timeline

A lot of you are possibly questioning how to mass erase your facebook wall articles. Given that you have allowed your timeline, there are particular messages that you wish to conceal from your pals as well as public audiences.

In that case, it would certainly be nice if you could quickly erase your undesirable messages in simply a few clicks.

Regrettably, Facebook does not have any kind of. Instead, you are provided the opportunity to see your previous articles by means of the Timeline's Activity Log. Still, you need to squander a lot of time if you intend to remove a great deal of unwanted messages.

You could've just deleted your Facebook account however you cannot. It would certainly be such a waste to leave all of your good friends as well as build a new network. We know how that understandings of we virtually did the exact same point.

Right now, the only method to clean your Facebook Timeline is to be patient. You need to be willing to spend a minimum of a week just for the sake of cleaning your timeline. It's an extremely tedious work that nearly everybody would favor to stay clear of.

Don't worry. There's still really hope. All that you need to do is to download the Exfoliate for Facebook application from the Google Play Store. That being claimed, you have to mount the app on your Android tablet or smartphone. The application used to cost a little bit of cash now you could download it absolutely free. It's extremely easy to use. Simply set your choices like the age and kind of the posts or products that you wish to remove. After which, you will be triggered to log-in to your Facebook account utilizing the Exfoliate for Facebook app and also it will do the rest of the job. It's as simple as that. Additionally remember that you have to spare at least 511KB of memory storage for the app will be set up on your phone's internal memory as well as not on the external SD card.