How to Delete All Photo From Facebook

How To Delete All Photo From Facebook: Erasing a picture album on Facebook can be taken care of from your listing of albums on your profile. Erasing an album will certainly remove the album itself as well as every picture inside it, as well as neither the album nor the images can be restored. There are additionally restrictions about what type of album you can erase; pictures in these albums will certainly need to be deleted individually.

How To Delete All Photo From Facebook

Deleting albums

Open your Facebook account, click "Photos" after that "albums" Click on the name of any album you have actually produced to open it. Over the gallery of photos in this album, click the gear icon, then click "Delete album" Click "Delete album" once more to verify, as well as you will certainly be repossessed to your list of continuing to be albums.


You can delete only albums you have actually created. Default albums, such as Timeline Photos, Cover Photos and Mobile Uploads, can not be deleted en masse. If you want to erase pictures from these albums, you will certainly have to view the pictures and also delete them individually. To do this, open up a photo in full sight as well as float over it till the menu bar turns up at the bottom. Click "Options" after that click "Delete This Photo"

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