How to Change Facebook From Spanish to English

If somebody altered your language to one you do not recognize (as a "joke", or by accident), fear not: here's How To Change Facebook From Spanish To English even if you can not review the words!

How To Change Facebook From Spanish To English

When you've logged right into your account, click on the white down arrow (leading right corner).

Select the "Settings" web link: it is the fifth web link in the dropdown food selection (see screenshot) - as additional assistance, your internet browser generally reveals you a web link's target when you move your mouse over it - in the reduced left edge of the display, your internet browser needs to show this URL (net address): "".

Because the "General settings" tab is immediately picked, simply click the last choice on the display, as shown on the screenshot listed below. Click on the dropdown menu and also discover "English (US)" (or whatever your favored language is).

Idea: hit the letter "E" to swiftly scroll to all the English options. Once you have actually selected the appropriate version, click the blue button (that's the one to "Save"

The web page will rapidly refill (in English!), as well as you'll obtain the confirmation that the default language has actually been altered back to English: the setup is highlighted in yellow, with a "Changes saved" notice on the right. You are done! Click the Facebook logo (leading left edge) to go back to your homepage.

Enjoyable tip: switch to English Pirate or English Upside Down!

Facebook consists of enjoyable language variations (consisting of Latin!!) - simply pick "English (Pirate)" to make use of dream old English (Arrr!), or "English (Upside Down)" to vertically turn all letters on the display - luckily, some message (like your username) remains legible in regular message. Below just how parts of the Settings screen resemble when you select each of those English variants: