Facebook Secret Group

Facebook Secret Group: Facebook is presenting great deal of New features nowadays the one of them is Secret group, they are comparable to the shut group in Facebook, however it has an added functions that it does not leave any kind of trace's like you could find shut teams yet Secret teams could not be discovered or can be seen once you are removed as a Participant, after that you could not see it again.

Facebook Secret Group

Making Secret group is very easy we can make it like we make regular teams, So allow's begin for now

Developing a new Secret group:

1. Login to your Facebook Account

2. Click create group

3. Select secret in fall ahead of Privacy Label (As displayed Below).

4. Click on the Create Switch and also you are done.

Customizing present group to Secret group:

1) As usual Login to your Facebook Account.

2) Most likely to your present group and also click on Edit group (If you are Admin of the group).

3) Currently you can watch a web page were you can alter info of your group there before Privacy Label Select Secret.

4) click Saves changes button now your group will be Secret.

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