Change Name Facebook Mobile

Below is Change Name Facebook Mobile. You do not require your browser to do this, all you need is the FB application, which you most likely have installed.

Change Name Facebook Mobile

For Android devices

1. Open the app, after that on the Information Feed user interface that comes up, tap the icon with three horizontal lines, that is the more button from the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down, and also Faucet Account settings

3. Faucet General, as soon as opened faucet on your name.

4. Now clean the old one and placed the brand-new name, after that you click review changes.

5. When the next web page opens placed in your password as well as save changes.

For iphone gadgets (iPhone iPad)

The steps are basically the very same, except a couple of differences.

1. Open up the iOS Facebook application.

2. As soon as opened faucet on the Even more button (the 3 straight lines, this moment the switch is downwards).

3. Scroll down, as well as Faucet Account setups.

3. Faucet General, when it opens faucet on your name.

4. Now transform the FB name to your preferred one. And click testimonial changes.

5. When the following web page opens put in your pass word and save changes.

Note: You can only change your Facebook name once every 60 days, that is about as soon as every 2 months.