How to Post Videos On Facebook

I am going to show you How To Post Videos On Facebook. It is really easy. I am also mosting likely to show you how to pick an appealing thumbnail on your newsfeed. You can choose it instead of just having a random frame on the video.

Below's the simple part. How to post a video clip to Facebook ...

How To Post Videos On Facebook

Luckily, Facebook has actually made adding video clips and images regarding as very easy as it gets. (You probably already understand this component.) Only three steps:

1. Click Add Photos/Video on top of your homepage.

2. Choose Upload Photos/Video to pick a video documents you have on your computer.

3. When your video clip is ready, click Post.

How to upload a video clip to Facebook

1. Most likely to your Facebook page and most likely to your standing updates. Compose a sentence that introduces your video. I am going to create, "Right here is a stunning house near Omaha, NE we are trying to sell. If you recognize of anybody trying to find a home in that area, do not hesitate to share this video."

2. Click the photo/video button. Then surf to your video. I will pick the documents that has the mp4 data extension. Then click "open." The documents will certainly upload. Then click "post".

3. Most likely to "options" and click "edit".

4. Include a title, as well as a location. You could edit your summary if needed.

5. When it gets done processing, you could choose a thumbnail.

6. Select a thumbnail and also click "save".