How to Delete A Page On Facebook

How To Delete A Page On Facebook: Facebook allows you produce a main web page on your own or your organisation. You could utilize this follower page to advertise yourself. As an example, you could allow followers of your band learn about upcoming performance days, or allow fans of your dining establishment find out about this week's special menu items. If your band breaks up or your dining establishment shuts, nevertheless, your authorities Facebook follower web page might become an aggravation or perhaps an uncomfortable tip. If this happens, shut the web page.

How To Delete A Page On Facebook

1. Click "Edit Page" in the top right corner of your follower web page.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page that opens. Just over the blue "Save Changes" button, you must see a "Delete Page" area.

3. Click "Permanently delete (page name)" in the "Delete Page" area. This opens a brand-new window asking if you make sure you desire to delete your web page.

4. Click heaven "Delete" button in the confirmation window to completely remove your page. As this window alerts, erasing your page is permanent as well as irreversible.

If you feel you do not understand with the above tutorial, please see the tutorial with the photo below.....

If you are tired of handling your Facebook web page, you can follow this tutorial to pull it down from the public or perhaps delete it permanently.

1. Visit to your Facebook account.

2. Pick the web page that you intend to erase from the left side bar.

3. Click the Edit Page button at the top right of the web page.

4. When you are in the Edit page, find the Manage Permissions area on the left side of the page.

5. If you want to unpublish the page, inspect package next to Unpublish page (only admins can see this page) choice.

6. If you intend to delete the page, scroll to the bottom of the web page as well as click the Permanently delete (Page name) link.

7. A new home window will appears which asks you if you make certain to remove the page. Click Delete.