Delete Facebook Account Permanently now

Delete Facebook Account Permanently Now ~ Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that Facebook has reached two billion individuals-- meaning that a quarter of the globe's populace currently log on to the social media site at the very least once a month.

" As of this morning, the Facebook area is currently officially 2 billion individuals!" he wrote in a Facebook blog post, including: "It's an honour to be on this journey with you."

The milestone is all the more excellent because no other web business has reached it.

Nonetheless, Zuckerberg says that his ultimate objective is to "link everybody".

" So 2 billion, there had not been as much fanfare around it," he informed USA Today. "We still have not linked everyone."

While more individuals compared to ever are visiting to Facebook, there are numerous that have grown tired of the website.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently Now

If you are just one of this number, here is exactly how you can remove your Facebook account permanently.

The best ways to permanently erase Facebook

Once a Facebook profile has been deleted it is unretrievable-- suggesting all photos, video clips and other info will be lost.

Nonetheless, Facebook provides an option to download a copy of your information prior to opting to delete.

1. Click the downward arrow at the top right hand corner of any Facebook page.

2. Select "Settings".

3. Click "Download a copy of your Facebook data" below the main food selection.

4. After doing this, go to and also click on "Delete my account" to completely do away with your profile.

It may take up to 90 days for Facebook to delete all profile information, but information will be inaccessible during this moment.