US Navy Is Now Using Xbox Controllers to Operate Their Submarine

I know that everyone -mostly men, like to play a game. It doesn't matter the age, we will always be happy to put a stick controllers in our hands. And maybe, that's what on US Navy Staff's mind when they plan to use Xbox controllers to operate their submarine!

Yep, you are reading the correct news and I didn't miss-written anything. The US Navy is planning to replace its submarine periscope and use Xbox 360 Game controllers instead. The plastic controllers will be attached into a naval submarine so the pilot can control it.

The news delivered by The Virginian Pilot, they announced that the Submarines will not using the conventional rotating persicope. But they will put high-quality Camera and monitor as the 'eyes' of the naval submarine. Plus, they will use transmitter signal to deliver real-time movement from the station control. That way, you can control it with an Xbox controller.

During this time, the naval ship and submarine uses periscope that contains mirrors and prisms. The technology has been used for a long time. But now, we have a technology that will help our needs, including in monitoring areas. With this console-tech combination, the US Navy will be no longer need operator that keep watching the viewfinder on the stick.

Now, the operator will get a new device that let them control the naval ship from the station control. They can stand behind the monitors and use the game controller to make manuever. Plus, it is a good way to cheer the staff because now their jobs is as easy as playing a game.

It's Easy to Use and Cheap

with the new device, it seems that everyone in the US Navy wants to be the operator in the control room. They want to 'play a game' and control the submarine. As it gets easier, another reason why the US Navy uses the Xbox controller is because it is cheaper.

FYI, the price of a high-tech persicope, the handgrip, and any other control panel will cost the US Navy for about $ 38,000. But with a joystick, now they can cut the budget and make it into $ 30. Of course, even any a young officer could buy the controller if they broke one.

The US Navy is serious to make it happen as soon as possible. The rumor has it that the USS Colorado will be the first naval submarine that can be controlled with Xbox joystick. The system has been tested for more than a year and they hope it will work according to plan. Plus, the US Navi says that it is just a beginning. They will combine the new technology with its machinery to create a better and seamless system.

They plan to use future technology, such as tablets, VR, and even touchscreen to make their jobs easier. I'm sure that if it is real, in the future everyone would want to be a Navy because now their toys are just getting real. The war is in your hands!