The New Moto X4, Is It Worth to Buy?

Motorola is one of the middle class phone maker that still exist - in case you are not aware of it since it was re-branded by Lenovo. Yep, at the end of this year, they are trying to steal the show by releasing the Moto X series. We all know that the official flagship from Motorola is the Z and G series. But, it seems that they try to bid in the middle class people that want decent phone with affordable price.

Honestly, there are pros and cons we want to show you about the new Moto X4. We are here to help you decide whether it is worth to buy or not. Let's make it simple!

Why You Should Buy the Moto X4

It's Good-looking

Motorola is not the market leader in design, but this one is actually eye-catching. Thanks to the all-glass exterior that makes the phone looks beautiful and sturdy at the same time. It uses Corning Gorila Glass on the both sides! Now you dont need to be worry if it slips out of your hands. It will not break.

The 5.2-inch phone also uses FHD LTPS display and a Fingerprint sensor as the phone's security. Rumor has it that the new Moto X4 is also waterproof so you can bring it to the water.

Dual Rear-Camera with Double Autofocus Pixel Technology

Moto X4 might not be the best phone for this year. But for those who like photography, the new Moto X4 offers something you can't resist! It has two rear-camera with dual autofocus that you can set. Now, you have 12 MP and 8 MP camera on your phone with different auto focus settings. The best part about those cameras is the 120-degree view. Now, you can take panorama photos all the time!
The quality of the camera is actually good. Thanks to the CCT dual LED flash that helps the camera to capture a good picture in low light scene. Overall, this one is the reason why you should purchase the new Moto X4.

Amazon Alexa Integration

iPhone has Siri, Google has Allo, and now Moto X4 has Alexa. Thanks to Amazon that lets Lenovo to use their voice assistant. The new Moto X4 comes along with intelligent voice assistant; Alexa. So, it also means that you have Fire Stick, Echo Dot, or any other Amazon's hardware, then you can connect all those devices to your phone easily.

Why It’s Not Worthy to Buy Moto X4

Let’s take a break for a while. You know numerous reasons why you should buy the new Moto X4. But let’s just be fair and take a look the cons of the pros. Ready?

It's Not Slim

When it comes about the trends, everyone tries to follow the new stream. But it seems that Moto X4 walks on the other side of the roads. When other smartphone companies make slim or borderless edge, Moto X4 comes with bulky body. The dual rear camera comes at a cost. They make the body looks bigger (it is 9.45 mm - which is too bulky because it is a small phone). So, maybe you will not comfortable to put it on your pocket for a long series of time.

Old Processor

Processor is like the brain of the phone. Unfortunately, the new Moto X4 uses the old Snapdragon 630 instead of the new one. If processor is matter for you, then you don't want to buy this phone even though it has two rear camera. But if it doesn't matter for you, then forget about this point.


The standard phone in the market uses 4 GB of RAM. But instead of using the standard range, Moto X4 comes with just 3 GB of RAM. If you like to perform multitasking on your phone, installing heavy apps and open it at the same time, you might not getting the best experience when use the Moto X4. We don't know if it is true or not; but they give you 3 GB of RAM.

Those are the pros and cons about Moto X4 that would be released soon. It will hit international market, such as India, Indonesia, and other Asian countries.