New Update on YouTube: the HDR Feature is Finally Available!

YouTube is the only video-sharing platform that we love. As the giant-tech, Google knows that the only thing to make YouTube becomes the king of social media in its category is by giving the best part of it. As the growth of internet connection, it is easier for people in accessing videos. It is different than three or five years ago where internet bandwidth is like a black in a white spot.
With the wide range distribution of internet connection, a kid in rural area can access YouTube easily. Goes along with the trend, YouTube has updated some things in there. First, this is the year where YouTube's logo has changed. It has new font and fresher appearance. And a few hour ago, YouTube has updated its mobile app. 

Now we can get the best experience in viewing videos with high-quality image. Thanks to the High Dynamic Range, a brand new feature you can try in your mobile phone. Even though it is not finished yet, but YouTube gives you a chance to see a video in a better way. 

HDR Feature is Available in Android

Actually, it is not a something new because they have rolled this out as the HDR Television set last year. But now, YouTube with HDR is available in Android phones. For those who use iOS, sorry that you couldn't enjoy this feature yet. But, those who own Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xperia XZ Premium, and even the LG V30. 

Unfortunately, not everyone in this field feel happy about it. The users in one of the Reddit sub forums said that the new feature is disturbing because stuttering videos. Plus, once you change the screen resolution to HDR, there is no way back to the 720 or lower resolutions. So, be prepare your battery because it will run out faster. Another user said that once it is upgraded to HDR mode, then you can't adjust the screen brightness. It is very disturbing for those who watch YouTube in the dark places. 

On the other hands, the YouTube spokesperson said that the HDR features is still in Beta. They are still trying to fix several things so it will adjust in various devices. 

At the end, what we want is an experience to view videos in high-quality image. With an aim to help the users, YouTube is trying to fulfill what their loyal users need. It is still worth to wait!