iPhone X Preview; Specs, Price, and Release Date

Today is the day where the Apple Fanboys are waiting for. Yep, the brand new iPhone is finally released in an annual event on Steve Jobs Theatre. This one would be very different than the previous series. So, what's new about the new iPhone X? Are they bringing the audio jack back? Is it water resistance? Wait for it..

The new iPhone X (it is spelled iPhone Ten, okay?!) has been officially introduced in hashtag #AppleEvent. It is offical that people around the world are in need of iPhone X even though actually they don't. Just like the other days where Apple launched its flagship product; it is full of surprises!
It is not just the radical design that changed, but it comes along with hi-tech features you couldn't be able to imagine before! Here's a wrap info about the latest generation of iPhone X.

The first thing that changed is - of course the price, it is not $ 999 on sale. What's more crazy is that it is also sold at £999 in the UK. Yep, there's dollar to pound equality in Apple's product. I bring this one in the front so you can stop your desire to own this device if you don't have enough money. Apple is still trying to reach the middle-up segment for the iPhone X. But, is it worth with your $999 or even the £999??? 

Let's count what kind of technology that will elevate your experience!

New iOS and Face ID

It is not just the device, but Apple also brings the iOS 11 software that will be the brain of this phone. The new operating system will allow you to enjoy a lot of features that you have never experienced before, such as Animoji. It is an animated emoji that you can control with your facial expression. Apple claims that there is a neuro system in the engine that will recognize your face. The system will read your face in a tiny dot and adapt to your physical changes. Now, this is your new security system. Thanks to the advance facial recognition feature that now becomes the Face ID feature in iPhone X.

Good Bye to the One and Only Button

Yep, now you can't see that one-round tiny button at the bottom of the screen. Apple is now using full edge to edge screen. Now you don't need the Touch ID finger print scanner anymore.

New Body and Bigger Screen

The major difference between the iPhone X and the previous generation is its body. Apple uses stainless steel materials that combined with glass that will make it looks easy to handle. Plus, it would be stronger than the previous model. The best part about the iPhone's latest appearance is its OLED Super Retina Display that will be eyes-friendly. The screen will produce quality light that will not harm your eyes. Plus, it will enhance your experience to see better graphic in your phone. Thanks to 7-layer color process that will result in better display. 

The 5.8-inch Super Retina Display will support the HDR system so you can see video in better quality. It also supports the Dolby Vision for a paper-like viewing experience! Overall, the new design of the iPhone X will enhance your experience just like the first generation of Multi Touch. 

New Camera with Potrait Lighting

By new, I mean it is not 18 MP or something. iPhone X still uses the 12 MP camera, there's no bigger resolution for this. But, wait until you see what's inside. It comes along with 7 MP TrueDepth camera that will help the Face ID features. Thanks to the image stabilizers, exposure setting, and it will let you feel Potrait mode with front camera. 

For the rear camera, iPhone gives you smarter system with dual optic stabilizer. It features Slow Sync that will make the backgrounds and foregrounds are in sync in your picture. iPhone's new camera claimed to be the highest quality video in smartphone. Thanks to the video stabilizer, 4K video with more than 60 fps, and also slow motion feature with 240 fps. The best part about the camera is that there are 5 different lighting styles. Now, you can change and adjust the lighting style directly even before the picture is being captured. It could be said that the new iPhone's camera is almost at the same level with the DSLR camera. 

Wireless Charging

Apple is recognized as the world's most innovative company. All of those new features, prices, and designs are second to none! All the competitors could copy all the systems or designs, but what about this one? Apple is the first smartphone company that lets the users to experience something different in their hand. You don't need the USB port anymore since iPhone X is wireless charging.

Just put it on the mat and there you go, your battery is charged! The wireless charging mats are presented by Belkin and mophie. You can get it in apple.com or the apple stores around the world. The technology named AirPower, which is officially released in 2018. But, this time Apple wants to give a little sneak peak for their loyal fans at the end of the year. With the same mat, you can charge 3 different devices at once. 

iPhone X Release Date

The iPhone X release date is 27 October, where you can start to book a pre-order. This phone will be available in the Apple Stores around the world at 3 November 2017. It seems that there would be a new sensation and more crowds in the Apple Stores when the new iPhone X is released!