Download Facebook Chat application

You might be talking with a buddy, and because of the value of the discussion, you wish to wait. In many cases, you might just have to keep part of the chat and in others the entire thing. Whatever your requirements are, you'll be more than happy to understand there are techniques to either conserve parts of or the whole discussion.

Download Facebook Chat application

You do not need to be a tech genius to be able to do this given that it's something even a newbie can do. With the following approaches, you'll have the ability to download your Facebook chat history and rapidly conserve all the discussions you desire.

Download Facebook Chat application

Download Facebook Data to Conserve Your Discussions

If exactly what you're trying to find is to download whatever from your discussions, consisting of pictures, then this is the technique for you. By downloading the Facebook information, you'll download things such as pals lists, Facebook information, posts, messages, photos, and so on

. Log into your Facebook account and go to "General Settings." To the bottom, you're visiting a link where you can download a copy of your Facebook information. As soon as you click that alternative, you'll see a brand-new page with a "Download Archive" button.

Download Facebook Chat application

After you click it, Facebook will reveal you a message informing you that they are collecting your details. You will not need to wait too long (a minimum of I did ´ t), when it's done you'll get a link in your inbox where you can download whatever.

Download Facebook Chat application

Click the "Start My Archive" button, and you'll have to re-enter your password for security factors. A ZIP file which contains all your information will then be downloaded to your computer system. You ought to likewise see an HTLA folder with the name "messages.htm." That folder has all your discussions in block format.
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The best ways to Download a Particular Part of a Facebook Chat

If downloading the whole Facebook chat is excessive, there's a Chrome extension that enables you to download just a specific part of the discussion. For instance, let's state you just wish to download a chat in between May 15th and May 18th. Simply define those dates, and the Chrome extension will download just your chat from those days.

The Chrome extension that you will require is Message/Chat Downloader When you have set up the extension, log into your Facebook account and open the chat you wish to conserve.

Click the extension's icon, and you ought to see a calendar appear. Utilize this calendar to define the dates the chat you wish to conserve occurred. When you're done, always remember to click the Apply button at the bottom.

Download Facebook Chat application

Strike the "Start" button, when the download is done; you'll be required to a brand-new page on a brand-new tab that will have all your chats. You can likewise select the format you wish to conserve the file in. You can download your messages in the same order you would see them on Facebook.

Facebook Chat Downloader.

You can likewise utilize a web app called Facebook Chat Downloader to conserve your chats. Simply log into your account to see your discussions along with your pal's names and the variety of messages you have sent out to that individual.

Download Facebook Chat application

When you see the messages you wish to download; you'll likewise see that individual's last message. Right listed below the message you'll likewise see three alternatives regarding how you can download your chats: JSON, TXT, or CSV.


Download Facebook Chat application, If you ever have to keep your crucial discussions, now you understand how. The formerly pointed out techniques are simple and are something even an unskilled can do. Which approach will you select?