What Is Facebook Poke?

What is Facebook poke? The poke is a function of Facebook whose sole purpose is to bring in the attention of another user. The only thing that occurs when you poke somebody is that this individual gets a poke alert on his/her web page.

As pokes draw the attention of a user, they can be utilized for numerous different things and hence have various significances. You can, for example, poke a good friend simply as a method of stating "Hey there.".

What Is Facebook Poke

What Is Facebook Poke?

Another response:

A poke has no genuine significance. It might imply anything from, "Hey there, I'm still alive. Notification me." to "If I do not have my loan in 3 hours, I'm going to sodomize your pet and offer your kids to Cambodian sweatshops.".

As far as Facebook's feeble-minded pokers go, it's most likely another passive-aggressive outlet for your friendly area profile stalkers to utilize.
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Other response:

1. A "poke" is essentially somebody aiming to get your attention's among the useless functions that are used directly to irritate someone.

2. If you poke someone, not in your network and they poke back. You can see their profile even if you're not their pal!

3. A poke is when you permit somebody to see your facebook page for three days, so they can understand who you are and ideally include you as a pal.