Tinder Gold Lets You Find the Perfect Match with just $ 4.99 per Month

Do you believe in "Love at the First Sight"? That was an old-school terms. Nowadays, people are more like "Love at the First Swipe"! Yep, those who have Tinder account will understand that terms.
Tinder is a dating app that lets the users to find their soulmate online. With its slogan, Tinder wants the users to find the perfect match, have conversation in a chat before they eventually meet. That's what they call as Modern Dating. So, with just one app, you could find the one that might be your last-forever love!

For those who already have an account on Tinder, I know that it is not as easy as we thought. Everyone assume that when you are on Tinder, you will finally find your true love. But it seems that everyone is struggling in finding their partner. It takes time for someone before they find their true love.

On the other hands, Tinder tries at its best to help the users find the perfect one. They realized that in order to be the on the top of the list of the dating app, they should make some changes. So, today, Tinder launch a break-through that will help the users find someone that is perfect for them.
Tinder Gold is the brand new thing in the dating-app segment. It is Tinder, but you need extra money to find your perfect love. So far, we couldn't see who and what kind of person that likes our profile on Tinder. That makes us harder to find the one that is really into us. But it would be different where you use the Tinder Gold. The new feature in Tinder Gold will allow you to see who's like them. 

This feature will give you new experience in swipe the profile that shows in your timeline. But you need extra cash because it will cost you at least $ 4.99 per month to enjoy this new feature. Match Group as the company that develops this app promises that this one will give you another experience and is different than other swipe-based dating app you have ever installed.

The back-story of this new feature is simple. The developers know that the users are frustrated to look at the profiles that will never result in a match. As the result, some of the users stop and leave the app. Tinder knows that when it couldn't give satisfaction to the customers, then it will not give benefits to the company.

New Feature on Tinder Gold

‘Likes You’ feature is not the only one benefits that would help the users finding their perfect match. Tinder Gold also lets you to personalize the display and showing you who has liked the profile. It would be easy for the member to decide the profile that they want to see. 

Tinder Gold also gives you benefits, such as unlimited likes. Plus, you will get 5 super likes in a day. If it is not enough for you, then you can try the Rewind feature. This one is another shortcut that lets the members to under the Swipe. So, instead of endless swipe, you can Undo it and go back to the start in case you miss something. 

The new feature named 'Boost' will give you a profile that could be your potential matches. This feature is only available once in a month. At least, you know who you date next in that month!
With these features, Tinder Gold will help you find the perfect person even though the feeling is not mutual. In short, Tinder Gold will help you to find the potential matches that put interest on you.
The feature has released on Beta mode in Canada, Argentina, Australia, and also Mexico. But today, the United States' users could install this app with less than $ 5 for a month. So far, only those iOS users that can try the new updates of Tinder Gold. The Android users need to wait 30 more days before they could find this app in Play Store.

Tinder Gold has taken the love to the new level; you need to pay before you find your date! Are you ready to love?