Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date and Specs Leaked!

Last year, we've known that there was a phone that could explode! But, it has been almost a year when Samsung made that mistake. Don't be worried, you don't have to be afraid about its ability. Samsung claims that the overheating battery problems have been solved. 

Today, Samsung is finally launching their latest variant that would be the successor of Galaxy Note 7. In New York today, they have officially release a brand new Galaxy Note 8. It's been a habit that Samsung always releases their flagship at the end of the year. It seems that they are anticipating their rival in Smartphone segment. iPhone, as we know, will release the next generation of iPhone 7 that will be labelled as iPhone 8. 

Samsung ensures their loyal fans that there would be no malfunction or failure on this phone. Just like the previous Galaxy S, this smartphone is safe and reliable. Moreover, they are trying to bring back their brand to the top. 

 What It Looks Like?

Based on that picture, it seems that the new generation of Galaxy Note 8 has no border on it. They mentioned that the new Galaxy Note 8 is a luxury phone that comes with infinity displays, accompanied by stylus pen and impressive camera. 

It is prbably 6.3-ish inches with endless screen, just like Galaxy S8. Samsung tries to re-brand their name so people will know them for its edge-to-edge display. This is also a dual camera phone that gives you high-quality image in both ways. 

Samsung also lets you choose the one that match with your desire. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available in Gold, Black, Silver and also Blue!

Overall, this one is the best-looking smartphone that worth to buy in 2017. 

Specs and Performances

When it comes about the specification, you don't have to be afraid about the battery. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with smaller batter; it is just 3300mAh. The best part about it is - according to Venturebeat, it comes with wireless charging. No report about this one, but Venturebeat said so. 

As we know, Samsung's battery was the major issue last year when users around the world complaint about it. The battery was also the reason Samsung had to recall almost all of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which burst into flames. 

We're not so sure about the processor, but based on the leaked pictures, it seems that there would be Exynos 8895 as the chip processor. Those are several things you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We will update its specification once we find trusted source.

Introducing Bixby

Vioce assistance has changed the game they play in smartphone's segment. When Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant - you just need to say "Hello Google", and now Samsung is introducing Bixby. A few months ago, we know that Bixby was still developed by their AI's team. But now, it seems that Bixby is ready to be your daily assistant. Our informant says that Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Bixby will be available in 200 countries.