How to Login Twitter Tutorial

In this tutorial, I have covered ways to Login With Twitter utilizing OAuth. I have utilized Twitter OAuth PHP library for making OAuth demands. How to Login Twitter Tutorial.


How to Login Twitter Tutorial

1 )" Login With Twitter" button is revealed to users. (index.php).

2) When a user clicks "Login with Twitter," user is rerouted to Twitter. (login.php).

3) Twitter confirms the user qualifications.

4) After sufficient permission, the user is rerouted to site with OAuth token. (oauth.php).

5) Utilizing OAuth token, the site gets the gain access to the token. (oauth.php).

6) Using Gain access to token, site gets the user information by making an API call.( oauth.php).

You have to follow the listed below actions for making "Login with Twitter." How to Login Twitter Tutorial.
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Get Twitter API Customer Secret and Customer Trick.

1) Login to twitter and gain access to Fill the below information and develop an app:

  • Call: Your application Call. This is revealed to the user while licensing.
  • Description: Your application Description.This is shown to the user while permitting.
  • Site: Your application site.
  • Callback URL( *): After permission, this URL is called with oauth_token.

How to Login Twitter Tutorial

2) After producing an app, you can see "Customer Secret" and "Customer Trick."

How to Login Twitter Tutorial


How to Login Twitter Tutorial. When you are all set with Customer Secret and Customer Trick, you can make OAuth API calls.

1) Configure your app (config.php).

How to Login Twitter Tutorial

2) Get a Demand token from twitter (login.php).

How to Login Twitter Tutorial

3) Get access_token utilizing request_token and request_token_secret. After getting gain access to the token, we can query Twitter API.

Usage API to verify the user. (oauth.php).

How to Login Twitter Tutorial