How to Download Video From Facebook Lite App

In this tutorial, we will be teaching Facebook users how to download video from Facebook Lite app to their Android phone without utilizing any third-party apps. By following the standards listed below, you will have the ability to straight download videos you view on Facebook Lite to your phone.

how to download video from facebook lite app

Facebook released Lite in a couple of Africa, and Asia nations in early 2015 and from there the app was broadened to numerous other areas. Facebook Lite is light in size and does not takes in information like the first app. Apart from these, it likewise runs well on the bad network and efficiently on 2G (GPRS/EDGE) connection. After it was introduced, lots of brand-new functions were included amongst which is the capability to see a video shared, published, which show up on the timeline. Nevertheless, Facebook did not offer users the ability to download the video.

There's a catch. However, we wagered a lot of you would have observed it. You will discover that when you click the video, you wish to enjoy on Facebook Lite, the game will initially fill for some seconds before the video begins to play. You will likewise discover that when the video stop playing and you return possible to your timeline if you click the video once again it will not require time to fill like the very first time, it will simply play straight. This provides us the sense that the video is being downloaded (cache) someplace when you play it the very first time when you aim to play it once again it will just fill from where it was cached. Finding where the video is cached is our response.

How to Download Video From Facebook Lite

How to Download Video From Facebook Lite App

On Lite, Facebook reveals the size (in megabytes) of the video you will enjoy before you click it as displayed in the image above. Take note of the megabyte because you are going to require it if you are getting this guide right. Now, let's continue.

You are going to require the following apps, not required however they will assist.

All videos seen on Facebook Lite are download in a folder on the phone storage. We recommend you enjoy a video on Lite before you continue, this will develop the folder we will reveal you.

how to download videos from facebook lite on android

1.) Open ES Explorer, find a folder called "Android." In the "Android" folder you will see another folder called "information," open it. It will lead you to where is displayed in the above picture (We alter the folder view to "Medium Particulars" under More -> View in ES UI). Amongst the folders, you will see one called "com.facebook.Lite", open it.

download videos from facebook lite

2.) In the "com.facebook.Lite" folder you will see "cache" folder, open it.

download facebook lite videos

3.) In the "cache" folder, find "video" folder and open it.

download facebook lite video

4.) In our case, there are four various folders inside the "video" folder, in yours, you might discover more. Nevertheless, it is essential to let you understand that each folder in the "video" folder represent each video you enjoy on Facebook Lite. As you can see, the folders are called in random letters that appear like lingos.

facebook lite watch video download

5.) Opening among these video folders there is two files inside, one called "0000000000000000" and the other "metadata.json." All the folders displayed in action 4 consists of just these two files. The "0000000000000000" file is the video we are trying to find. All the four folders consist of the "0000000000000000" video file, and each file represents various video in each of the folders. Each folder is each video you see on Facebook Lite.

facebook lite with video free download

6.) If you are utilizing ES, just click the "0000000000000000" file to open then choose a video from the menu, select a video gamer (or MX Gamer) and BOOMMM! The video will begin playing. You can also do for other "0000000000000000" files in other video folders to enjoy the cached Facebook Lite videos.
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Please Keep in mind: The "0000000000000000" does not reveal as video file when view by file supervisor because it does not have a video extension (e.g.MP4, AVI e.t.c). Facebook does this so that video gamers set up will not have the ability to bring it when scanning the phone. It's a security step. You have to open it straight with a video gamer to be able to consider as a video.

Whenever you enjoy a video on Facebook Lite, the video is cached (download) on the phone sd card. By following the actions above, you can relabel the "00000000000000" which is the video file and see it offline permanently. You can even copy it to a different folder to keep conserve.

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