How to Do Delete Facebook Account Permanently

If you're tired of Facebook and understand you never wish to utilize your account once again, here are how to do delete Facebook account permanently.

how to do delete facebook account permanently

CAUTION: If you do this, you will NOT have the ability to reactivate your account or recover any of the material or info you have included.

How to Do Delete Facebook Account Permanently  

  • To completely erase your account, you need to visit Facebook initially. (Even if you have currently deactivated your account, you need to visit, so conserve your password!).
  • If you forgot your password, you'd have to reset it by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link straight listed below the field where you 'd enter your password.
  • When you have effectively visited (Whew!), you'll have to click this link, which will send a demand straight to the powers that be on Facebook.
  • Truthfully, I'm uncertain exactly what occurs as soon as you send that demand since I have never ever entirely erased an account.

Footnote worrying e-mail addresses

Some individuals have informed me that they have erased their account, then, later on, attempted to register for Facebook with the same e-mail address that was initially connected with the account. They have been not able to utilize that address since Facebook alerts them that there is an existing account linked to that address.
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My workaround tip is to produce an e-mail address devoted entirely to your Facebook activities. If you erase your Facebook account, you can erase that e-mail address at the very same time.

If you choose to begin a brand-new Facebook account, you can develop a different e-mail address to utilize with your brand-new Facebook account.