How to Delete Your Facebook Account Completely

If you're ill of Facebook, you can cancel your account. When you have erased your Facebook account, you will never have the ability to visit with it once again, and all of the individual and contact details you saved there will be gone. If you simply wish to vanish for a while, you can decide to suspend your account momentarily. In this post, I'll discuss how to delete your Facebook account completely, in addition to the best means to briefly deactivate it.

how to delete your facebook account completely

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Completely

1. Visit your Facebook account.

2. Open Account Settings.

how to delete your facebook account

3. Under Linked Accounts, click Edit. Get rid of all connected accounts. Why? If you visit Facebook within two weeks of completely erasing your account, your account will not be deleted. If you are visited any of the accounts noted under Linked Accounts, you are instantly visited Facebook. For that reason, you must eliminate all connected accounts to make sure that the removal procedure goes efficiently.

4. Open Personal privacy Settings.

5. Open Apps, Games, and Site.

how to delete my facebook account

6. Under 'Apps you utilize,' click Get rid of. In the list, get rid of all apps, video games, and sites. Once again, taking this action assists the removal procedure go as efficiently as possible.

7. if you wish to conserve your profile information on your disk drive, now is the time to do it. Open Account Settings and click Download a copy of your Facebook information.

8. Go to the Facebook Assistance center to start the permanent removal of your account. You can browse the Facebook Assistance center for "erase account," and you will discover the same link. If you make sure that you wish to continue, click Submit.
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Essential Notes

For two weeks after you erase your account, Facebook maintains your information in case you want to reverse your choice. If you do not visit Facebook for two weeks, your account will be completely erased.

Instantly after deleting your account, clear the cache of the web browser( s) you utilize to visit Facebook. Doing this is another method to make sure that you do not inadvertently visit your Facebook account or use it in the two weeks after erasing it.

Facebook offers the following disclaimer about deleting your account: "Copies of some product (images, notes, and so on) might stay in our servers for technical factors. However, this product is disassociated from any individual identifiers and unattainable to other people utilizing Facebook." To puts it only, your information might stay on Facebook's servers for a while, however, it is not recognizable as your information, nor is anybody able to look for it. Ultimately, your old information will be overwritten and permanently erased.

If you unintentionally utilize your Facebook account within two weeks after erasing it, you'll have to start the removal procedure once again.

Briefly Deactivating Your Account.

1. Visit your Facebook account.

2. Open Account Settings.

3. Open Security.

4. Click Deactivate your account. Your account will not be viewable. However, it will stay undamaged. Just log in to Facebook once again to reactivate your account.