How to Delete Facebook Fan Page Permanently

How to delete Facebook fan page permanently - Facebook lets you develop the main page on your own or your organization. You can utilize this fan page to promote yourself. For instance, you can let fans of your band learn about upcoming show dates, or let fans of your dining establishment learn about today's unique menu products. If your band separates or your dining establishment closes, nevertheless, your authorities Facebook fan page might end up being a trouble and even an uncomfortable pointer. If this takes place, shut the page.

How to delete facebook fan page permanently

How to Delete Facebook Fan Page Permanently

1. Click "Edit Page" in the leading right corner of your fan page.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page that opens. Simply above the blue "Conserve Modifications" button, you ought to see an "Erase Page" area.
Click over here:
3. Click "Completely erase (page name)" in the "Erase Page" area. This opens a brand-new window asking if you make certain you want to delete your page.

4. Click the blue "Erase" button in the verification window to entirely erase your page. As this window alerts, deleting your page is irreversible and permanent.