How to Deactivate Your Twitter

Giants got you down, or simply fed up of the doom-and-gloom of Twitter? Here are the best ways to deactivate your Twitter account.j

How to Deactivate Your Twitter.

Sick of Twitter and the endless barrage of bad news/misogynistic trolls/alt-right bigots (erase as proper)? Deactivating your Twitter account is one foolproof method to obtain far from the rubbish being spouted on the 140-character stream of awareness that is Twitter.

Luckily, deactivating your Twitter account is splendidly uncomplicated. It'll just take you a few minutes to do, and it can be done on mobile in addition to online. There are a couple of things you ought to understand before you got ahead and deactivate your Twitter account, however.

How to Deactivate Your Twitter

The best ways to shut down Twitter: Exactly what you have to understand

How to Deactivate Your Twitter, Before hurrying to deactivate your Twitter account, you have to bear some things in mind.

  • You have One Month to reactivate your account before whatever is erased for excellent.
  • If you just wish to alter your username or e-mail address, you do not have to deactivate your Twitter account to do so.
  • Deactivating your account will not always eliminate info from Google search results page.
  • Shutting down and reactivating an account does not fix problems around missing out on tweets, inaccurate fan counts, suspicious DMs or possible account compromises.
  • Deactivated accounts will have their profile page eliminated within a couple of minutes. However material might stay viewable for a couple of days using
  • If you have to change your username/email address from one account to another, you have to alter them initially, then validate stated modification before erasing the first account. Twitter describes the procedure here.

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The best ways to shut off Twitter: Deactivating your Twitter account online.

How to Deactivate Your Twitter, If you wish to deactivate your Twitter account from your PC or Mac internet browser, just follow these 4 actions:

1. Check in to

2. Head over to Account Settings and scroll to "Deactivate my account" at the bottom of the page

3. As soon as you have checked out Twitter's deactivation terms, click "Okay, fine, shut down the account."

4. You'll then be triggered to enter your password and validate your account deactivation. Do so.

Ways to shut down Twitter: Deactivating your Twitter on mobile

How to Deactivate Your Twitter, If you wish to deactivate your Twitter account, however, do not have access to a PC, you cannot do it through the mobile app. You'll need to gain access to using your phone's web internet browser and follow the online deactivation actions noted above.