How to Deactivate Twitter

How to Deactivate Twitter, If social networking sites use up excessive of your time or you merely do not wish to utilize a particular platform, you can deactivate your accounts, including your Twitter account. Deactivating your Twitter account is reasonably straightforward although you cannot disable your account from a mobile phone. Also, if you alter your mind, Twitter keeps your user information for One Month. Reactivate the account throughout this duration by visiting your Twitter account.

How to Deactivate Twitter

How to Deactivate Twitter.

1. Visit Twitter utilizing your e-mail and password.

2. Click "Settings" in the leading right corner of the Twitter Websites to open the Account Settings page.

3. Click "Deactivate My Account" at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

4. Click "Okay, Fine, Deactivate [Your Account Call] after you have checked out the account deactivation details.

5. Type your Twitter password when triggered. You can still reverse at this moment.

6. Click "Deactivate Account" to erase the Twitter account.


How to Deactivate Twitter, You do not have to shut off the account if you just wish to alter your e-mail address or username.
Although your mind is gotten rid of in a couple of minutes, some material can stay on Twitter for a couple of days.


You cannot shut off a Twitter account from a mobile phone; you need to utilize a computer system.
After Thirty Days, your Twitter account is completely erased and can not be recuperated.