How to Change Twitter Handle

NOVEMBER 07, 2011 If you're relabeling or rebranding your company (or yourself, for that matter), and subsequently have to alter your Twitter username, you can do so without losing your fans.
Rather of developing a brand-new Twitter account, head over to the Account tab on There, you can alter your username, in addition to your e-mail address and security settings.

How to Change Twitter Handle

How to Change Twitter Handle

You'll likewise wish to go to the Profile tab to upgrade your photo and bio. In the bio area, it's a good idea to let your fans understand-- for the next couple of weeks, a minimum of-- that you have altered your account username, which you'll continue to get all their @replies and direct messages at your brand-new username.

Monetary reporter Vince Veneziani chose to change the name of his Twitter deal with to @GreatestTrades ahead of the launch of his very first book entitled, adequately enough, The best Trades of Perpetuity.

Veneziani states he didn't lose any visible variety of fans when he altered his name. However, it did take "a month approximately before everybody formally acknowledged who I was once again in their stream." Ever since, the brand-new manager has assisted construct sales and name acknowledgment, along with draw in brand-new fans, he states. How to Change Twitter Handle.

Similarly, style start-up Need to Have was obliged to alter its Twitter deal with after changing its name from WingTipIt. The young business leveraged some channels, consisting of email, Facebook, and twitter, to notify existing users and the online style neighborhood at significant about its rebranding efforts.

Cofounder Carla Holtze states it was a "difficult choice ... to relocate to a brand name and a name that much better represented our business," however the feedback has been so extremely favorable that it deserved the discomfort. "We have even more fans on Twitter than we had previously," she includes.

Exactly what to do if your wanted Twitter deal with is taken.

Not occasionally, organizations discover that somebody has currently signed up the Twitter manager of their business's name.

If the account is active and the user is not impersonating your brand name-- even if you hold a hallmark on the name-- there's little you can do. If somebody is pretending to speak on behalf of your business, you have a couple of choices.

Initially, you must aim to get in touch with the holder of the account in concern by sending out a tweet or discovering a connect to his/her contact information in the account bio.

How to Change Twitter Handle, If you're not able to get in touch with the holder, you can then attempt to overcome Twitter to acquire belongings of the account.

Twitter states they will suspend an account and alert the account holder "where there is a clear intent to misguide others through the unapproved use of a hallmark."

If, nevertheless, an account seems complicated users, "however is not actively passing itself off as the brand/company/product," the account holder will be informed and permitted to keep the mind if she or he cleans up any possible confusion.

If the account is non-active completely, Twitter states it "might likewise launch a username for the hallmark holder's active usage."

How to Change Twitter Handle, If you aren't able to obtain the name you desire, it's time to get innovatively. Think about a method to represent your name in more or fewer characters, or include a highlight. Simply do not let the challenge keep you off Twitter altogether.