How to Cancel Delete Facebook Account

Unlike deactivating your Facebook account, which lets you reactivate whenever completely erasing your account does not offer you a possibility to alter your mind. Because Facebook account removal is an irreparable procedure, Facebook does not delete the accounts instantly after it gets demands from account holders. Rather, it keeps the order in pending state for a couple of days. Facebook does this to make sure if the user indeed plans to erase the account, or still wishes to offer the account removal a reservation. How to cancel delete Facebook account...

How to cancel delete facebook account

If you have currently sent out the Facebook account removal demand to the Facebook group and your demand remains in pending state, you can cancel the request by signing-in to your account. As soon as you sign-in to your Facebook account by supplying your qualifications, the account removal demand is immediately canceled, and you can utilize your Facebook profile afterwards.

Here's how you can sign-in to your Facebook account after sending out the account removal demand to the Facebook group:

How to Cancel Delete Facebook Account

  • Switch on your Android phone.
  • Tap the Menu button to go to the apps list.
  • Find and tap your preferred web browser's app icon, then open
  • To check in to your Facebook account, supply the login qualifications in the proper fields, and tap the login button.

cancel facebook deletion
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  • From the next window that opens, tap the Cancel Removal button to cancel your account removal demand.

cancel facebook account delete request

When this is done, you can begin utilizing your Facebook profile.