How to Block Twitter Followers

We have all existed; somebody begins following you on Twitter and all of an unexpected, they are either pestering you or tweeting things you do not wish to see. In this day and age of social networks, it is happy to understand you can take some actions to handle undesirable fans (climbers, giants or simply weirdos). How to Block Twitter Followers.

With a number of my customers, I have seen they understand ways to utilize Twitter however just to Tweet or alter something in their profile. The rest is exactly what I'm there for, and this concern is one I need to handle regularly than I desire. If somebody is troubling you on Twitter, you can obstruct, report and even silence that fan. In this post, I will reveal you ways to block them.

Obstructing A Twitter Fan.

Action 1: Visit your Twitter account. Simply head here ( and up on the right, click the Log in button.

How to Block Twitter Followers

Action 2: As soon as visited, you will get here on your web page. From here, you will wish to go to the left of your screen under your header image. Here you will see the word, "Fans." Click it.

How to Block Twitter Followers

Action 3: This will raise all your Twitter fans. Now you will have to scroll down to the one you want to obstruct. I will be picking this one because I understand it is a spam/dummy account. Right under their banner image, you will see a gear (Meet George Jetson ... his young boy Elroy ... Love that animation). Click it.

How to Block Twitter Followers

Action 4: Now you will see a full menu with lots of choices from Obstructing to Sending them a direct message or Mute @name. You will wish to choose "Block @name." If they are a more aggressive fan, you can select the alternative "Report" from the list to report them to Twitter. How to Block Twitter Followers.
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How to Block Twitter Followers

Action 5: You will now see a verification window. From here all you will have to click the Block button.

How to Block Twitter Followers

You have formally obstructed this fan, and you will not see their posts, messages or anything else from them. How to Block Twitter Followers.

Blocked accounts can not:

  • Follow you.
  • View your Tweets when visited on Twitter.
  • Discover your Tweets in search when visited on Twitter.
  • Send out Direct Messages to you.
  • View your following or fans lists, likes or notes when visited on Twitter.
  • View a Minute you have produced when visited on Twitter.
  • Include your Twitter account to their lists.
  • Tag you in an image.

How to Block Twitter Followers, There is a 2nd method to obtain the same outcome. That is, after checking in to Twitter, visit the Fans profile page and take a look at the ideal side of their header image. Here you will see that same gear from the above actions. Just click it, and you can obstruct them from there.

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