How to Block Followers on Twitter

When somebody follows you on Twitter, two things occur: that individually appears in your list of Fans on your Twitter profile, and you appear on that individual's list of people she or he is following. This is fantastic for people wishing to link however not so terrific when a spammer follows you.

How to Block Followers on Twitter.

Obstructing somebody on Twitter makes it so they can not message you or follow you, discover your Tweets in search engine result, send you direct messages, tag you in images, include your profile to a list, see your Minutes or see your likes or fans.

You'll likewise give up seeing notices from them.

Remember, nevertheless, that even if you obstruct a user from seeing your posts, if your Twitter account is openly available and they've not visited the account you have obstructed, they still may be able to see your profile. How to Block Followers on Twitter.

You can find out more about Twitter obstructing on Twitter's site.

How to Block Followers on Twitter

The best ways to Block Somebody on Twitter

There are two methods to prevent Twitter profiles through the site:
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From Their Profile

  1. Gain access to the user's Twitter page. You can discover them through your Fans page.
  2. Besides the Follow button is a little menu button (the one with three vertically stacked dots). Click it to open a sub-menu with other choices.
  3. Pick Block @, where "is the handle/username of the user you wish to obstruct.
  4. Click Block on the verification message. How to Block Followers on Twitter.

From a Tweet.

  1. Discover a Tweet that comes from the user you wish to obstruct.
  2. Click the little More down arrow beside the Tweet.
  3. Select Block @.
  4. Click the Block button to validate.

The best ways to Unclog Somebody on Twitter.

You understand if you have obstructed someone on Twitter when you access their profile, and it states that they have been obstructed. You can still see their Tweets if you desire, by clicking Yes, view profile.

How to Block Followers on Twitter, Unclogging a Twitter user needs you to access the page and hover your mouse over the button entitled Blocked, and click Unblock.

Doing so does not right away follow them once again however you do then have the option to follow them like you would another user, by clicking Follow.