How Do I Deactivate My Twitter Account

Twitter restricts account deactivation to users visited the desktop website from a Web web browser. The alternative isn't offered from the iOS application, and visiting Twitter from Safari reroutes you to the mobile site. To shut down a Twitter account on an iPod, you should set up a third-party Web web browser and check out the Twitter website's desktop variation. How Do I Deactivate My Twitter Account.

How Do I Deactivate My Twitter Account

Twitter's Desktop Website on a Little Screen.

Set up Google Chrome, Terra or Atomic Web browser to allow your iPod to check out desktop sites (links in Resources). When you ask for Web sites, the site checks your gadget before sending you to the mobile or desktop variation. Google Chrome consists of the choice to call for a site's desktop change, while Terra and Atomic Web Internet browser includes settings to camouflage your iPod as a home computer.

How Do I Deactivate My Twitter Account, If you choose to utilize Terra or Atomic Web browser, alter your web browser's user representative to determine as a desktop internet browser before going to the Twitter website. Tap "Settings," pick "Determine Web browser As" and select any web browser from the list-- they are all desktop internet browsers. This action isn't essential in Chrome.
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Shutting off a Twitter Account.

Go to Twitter from your iPod; if you're utilizing Chrome, change to Twitter's desktop view by tapping "Settings" and picking "Demand Desktop Web site." When the address bar shows "" rather of "," check in to your account.

Tap the Twitter "Settings" button, choose "Account Settings" and select "Deactivate My Account." When triggered, enter your username and password. How Do I Deactivate My Twitter Account.

After deactivating your Twitter account, your user qualifications are saved in Twitter's database for One Month, and you can reactivate your account throughout this time by finalizing in with these qualifications. Right away following your account deactivation, your account is not openly noticeable from the Twitter website, although your previous activity might still appear on external Web search results page.