Google Is Finally Unveiled the Android O Codename!

When I say Cupcake, Donut, Eclaire, what's the first thing that pops up in your mind? It's okay, just be honest. Maybe some of you will think about sweets because... who doesn't like Cupcake, Donut, and tiny-baguette covered with chocolate? 

But, since Google has its smartphone's Operating System, those sweets are now also name for the Android version. It seems that Google still continues their tradition to name the latest Android version after sweets, just like the previous codename, such as Nougat, Marshmallow, and also Lollipop. It's strange yet it's ear-catching!

Anyway, the mystery about the name of Android O has been officially released! Long story short, Google mentioned that they will update their Operating System. The software has been 'in preview' mode and their developers still fixing the apps and other updates. So, the codename of O was a mystery. 

Surprisingly, Google announces the codename of Oreo as the latest name of Android Operating System. And it is official; Android Oreo!

Oreo has been known as cookie brand that consists of two chocolate wafers with vanilla cream in between. This brand is famous as your children's favorite snack. Now, we need to adjust with this transformation because the Android users will recognize this brand as Operating System as well. Kids, sorry for that!

For Google, this is not the first time they choose another brand as a partner. They have been team up with Kit Kat 3 years ago when they launched the Android codename with the same name. Google revealed the name of Android Oreo during the Solar Eclipse on Monday. It seems that the universe is standing behind Google, since the Solar Eclipse looks like an Oreo.

Android Oreo Updates

Even though they have reveal the codename of 'O', but it seems that Google has not announced the official Android Oreo release date. One of the voices told that it's still under construction, so they will not release the new operating system soon. 

But, there will be a few updates in the Android Oreo, such as security updates. Android Oreo will be equipped with Google Play Protect, which is an anti-malware that will remind you when there was such a malicious app. Plus, they will add more emoji with an update visualization!

Google will introduce the picture-in-picture feature, a brand new improvement that will let you to watch video while you are opening another app. One thing for sure, there will be more updates in the upcoming Android Oreo.

And last but not least, the new operating system will first be available in Google's devices. It means that only those who use Pixel or Google Nexus that will try the first impression of Android Oreo.

Can't wait!