Best Android App for Facebook Video Download

Best android app for Facebook video download - There are constantly great deals of enjoyable videos to take in out there on the web specifically on Facebook. You will be surprised( or not) at the quantity of feline videos out there. If you are not cautious, you will most likely invest excessive method time enjoying funny videos on Facebook.

Best android app for facebook video download

In spite of some videos out there nevertheless, you will probably ignore the majority of them in a reasonably brief amount of time. There are some videos, however, that for whatever factor mean something to you and you will want to conserve them.

Facebook currently assists in by enabling you to include videos to a Conserved list. You might want to take this an action even more nevertheless and download your unique videos so that you can see them at any time whether you have a web connection or not.

The app MyVideoDownloader for Facebook facilitates this, and we will be strolling through how it works.



After downloading the app, open it, and you will then have to log-in to your Facebook account to start the procedure.

android app for facebook video download

Select Log In, enter your account information, and you will then have the ability to see your Facebook Newsfeed through the app's integrated into explorer.

facebook video download android

If you see a video that you like and you want to download it, touch it, and you will exist with the following choices:

  • Play.
  • Download.
  • Share.
  • Conserve.
  • Copy Link.
  • Select Download.

facebook video download android app

If the video you want to download was not previous liked by you, is not on your timeline, conserved by you, shared by you or you were not tagged in it, then it is typically much better to download it utilizing the app's Explorer.
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Alternatives such as Buddies and Groups are there for tradition factors and might work gradually and might break at any point in the future.

facebook video download application for android

If the video you want to download was previous liked by you, is on your timeline, conserved by you, shared by you or you are tagged in it, you can likewise download videos by picking the My videos choice.

facebook video downloader for android apk

You will exist with the following classifications:

  • Liked videos.
  • On your timeline.
  • Shared by you.
  • Tagged videos.
  • Conserved videos.

Select the classification you wish to search for videos. After you find the video you want to download, pick the down arrow accompanying that particular video and choose Download.

facebook video downloader for android phone

Videos are conserved within the Films folder on your gadget's storage media by default. Especially within Films > Facebook. This storage place can be altered within the app's settings.

facebook video downloader for android free download


MyVideoDownloader for Facebook worked well at the job it was indicated to do. It downloaded videos and having the explorer developed right into the app suggested that a sophisticated approach did not have to be utilized to download videos.

Some things that were small inconveniences to me nevertheless were the advertisements within the app and the absence of clear company of videos under My videos. I comprehend that the designer will be looking for to make some earnings from his app, so the advertisements are reasonable.

In regards to the company of videos nevertheless, I just do not comprehend how the videos are set up when you pick the My videos alternative for example and after that go to among the classifications such as Saved videos. The videos do not appear to be arranged using alphabetical order or by date or anything.

Besides that, the procedure was easy, and the app worked well.