Rotate Video on Facebook

Have you ever published a video on Facebook? Did you ever understand that after submitting it the video is upside down o turned 90 degrees? Do not fret! Here you can discover the service for your issue! Now Facebook permits you to rotate video on Facebook without you need to publish it once again.

If you do not think me, take 5 minutes of your leisure time and aim to follow the guidelines you discover listed below. In 5 minutes you can find the best ways to rotate video on Facebook without needing to set up other software application on the PC. Let's get to work!

rotate video on facebook 2017

If you wish to find out ways to rotate video on Facebook, the initial step you have to do is to link to the first page of the social media and click your picture put on the upper left side to access your profile.

After that choose the Photos tab and go to the album then in Video. At this moment, click the sneak peek of the film you wish to turn and need to begin its recreation immediately.

To convert the video, location your mouse cursor over it and click the Options button that appears at the bottom. Then choose the voice Turn Left or Turn Right from the menu that opens (depending upon the instructions where you want to play the motion picture) and wait a couple of minutes for the modifications to work.

Rotate Video on Facebook

The period of the treatment differs depending on the time and quality of video to be turned. Have a little persistence, and the motion picture will be shot in the preferred instructions (with the possibility of duplicating the operation and back at any time).
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If you do not would like to know ways to turn a video on Facebook however you have to shoot a film that you have not packed on the social media yet, you have numerous options where you can select.
On Windows, you can utilize the free app Free Video Flip and Turn that permits you to turn all significant formats of video files in any instructions (simply have to have the proper codecs set up on your PC) then share them online.

If you're utilizing a Mac, you can count on services consisting of in OS X, such as QuickTime Gamer and iMovie. Let's have a real time!

how to rotate video on facebook