Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

Have you ever had to manage multiple Facebook accounts at the same time?

There is a fundamental (and free) method of doing this for any of the lots of factors you may have to.

Utilizing Ghost Internet browser (totally free download here), you can handle many Facebook accounts with no unique SaaS services. And without visiting and out. You can utilize this alternative internet browser much like you would use Chrome or Firefox with one incredible exception.

Using Sessions to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

manage multiple facebook accounts

When you open a brand-new tab in Ghost Web browser, you can additionally open it in a brand-new Session as displayed in the image. The brand-new Session is a color-coded tab that has a different cookie container. This enables you to log into Facebook with numerous accounts. (Or another website for that matter).

Because everything takes place in one internet browser window (see image) it's a lot much easier to handle several Facebook accounts in Ghost than it is to establish other complex tools. Ghost needs little setup. If you are a Chrome user, you can download the web browser, import all your settings, bookmarks AND Chrome extensions. You'll have your Chrome experience reproduced in about a minute or 2. No joke! If you utilize another web browser, you can still import whatever however your extensions.

manage multiple facebook accounts app

Plus, when utilizing a primary web browser user interface, you have the included benefit of using the native experience. The native Facebook experience has the tendency to be much easier to browse than powerful tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Though we enjoy both of those social networks tools for lots of factors.
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Utilizing Tasks to Keep Customer Accounts Different

Most likely the very best part about using Ghost to handle several Facebook accounts is that you can conserve all your colored tabs to a Job. If you manage several accounts of your very own, you can save them to a Job called "Social Network Management" or something like that.

If you work for social networks firm and have numerous customers that you handle represent, then you can conserve each Task as the client's name. Considering that Ghost isn't simply on Facebook, you can save their Google accounts, Twitter accounts and anything else. When you fire up that customer's Job, you will still be logged into their accounts. (Simply keep in mind the gray tabs are Worldwide costs, so those logins continue in between Tasks-- so make certain you utilize colored tabs when you wish to conserve various logins).

This technique assists you to open an entire customer Task quickly. You examine things, response concerns for them, then change back to your routine work Task. Not having social networks accounts open in your internet browser when you are aiming to do work that needs heavy concentration is going to make you efficient.