Mafia Wars on Facebook

Own a Facebook account? Mafia Wars on Facebook - If you do, then I make certain you have become aware of Mafia Wars. Produced by Zynga, the video game has more than 25 million regular monthly active users and is among The Leading 5 Idle Time Facebook Games.

As a regular MW gamer, I typically discover individuals who have ludicrous statistics on their accounts (e.g. one quadrillion dollars and on level 600+). When I see statistics like that, I ask, "How are these individuals doing this?" Undoubtedly they could not be playing the video game 24 Hr a day, a minimum of not all them anyhow. However, if they aren't playing non-stop then how are they doing so well? It's basic, they cheat.

Mafia Wars on Facebook

Mafia Wars on Facebook

In this post, I will be talking about a few of the Facebook Mafia Wars suggestions, techniques, and cheats that the leading gamers utilize to control Mafia Wars. You can use these approaches to level up rapidly, develop your statistics, and in many cases put your account on auto-pilot.

Keep in mind: MakeUseOf does not excuse unfaithful and is not accountable if (for some factor) Zynga chooses to prohibit your account. As far as I understand, there are no genuine "cheat codes" for Mafia Wars, so a few of those offered are" for the absence of a much better word" hacks. In my viewpoint, as long as you aren't greedy you are at little threat.

General Facebook Mafia Wars Tips & Methods

Initially, before playing any video game, I feel it concerns study up and end up being knowledgeable about the video game's settings, gameplay, and terms. In Mafia Wars' case, there exists a wiki.

The Mafia Wars Wiki is a big website including all the understanding one might want to acquire in MW. Rather merely, if it isn't noted in the wiki, it most likely does not exist in the video game.

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Utilize the wiki to discover exactly what the greatest weapons are, where to discover them, exactly what you have to finish particular tasks, and so on.

Grow Your

Mafia.--. Mafia Wars presently restricts your mafia to an optimum of 500. In the video game, the more members you have the much easier it is to win battles, so it is essential that you grow your mafia. Because your mafia is primarily comprised of your Facebook pals, it's finest to attempt to get more of them to get involved. If not, you can continually discover individuals to include, or you can buy additional mafia members with your benefit points.

Energy Is Secret

One stat you wish to make certain to update more than anything else is Energy. The more Energy you have, the more tasks you can finish. The more tasks you can complete the quicker, you will get Experience (Exp). The faster you get Experience, the quicker you can level up.

Combat Someone

To combat individuals, you require Endurance. Endurance is most likely the 2nd essential stat to level up, a minimum of in the start. While many tasks need some Energy to finish, you just require 1 Endurance to combat someone. After you consume all your Energy and are waiting for it to refill you might too fight to acquire Exp. You can likewise discover some fresh products and weapons in this manner.

When battling, nevertheless, you are most likely to obtain assaulted back in retaliation or perhaps eliminated, so when you aren't leveling up Energy, you ought to be increasing your Endurance, Health, Attack, and Defense moderately.

Take advantage of The Weak

Much like in reality, when combating, it is simplest to fight someone method weaker than you. After all, you are utilizing an Endurance to combat, so why danger losing? The easiest way to achieve this is to tackle somebody whose mafia size is half that of yours. For instance, my mafia size is presently 48, so I adhere to combating individuals with a mafia size of 20 or less. I win 99% of my battles in this manner.

If you level up your Attack regularly you do not have to follow this strategy, however, why would you be doing that when I currently informed you Energy is the method to go?

Take Your Loan To The Bank

When you're very first beginning in Mafia Wars cash is important. I keep in the practice of transferring my money each time I have more than $50,000. I do this because when you get assaulted by someone, you can lose as much as $65,000 each time they win a battle versus you. Keeping your on-hand money to minimum assists keep break-in to a minimum.

Control MW Like A Manager

Here come the enjoyable things" the not-so-general ideas and techniques. If you wish to put the above suggestions into movement successfully (and mainly immediately), then you can take a look at user scripts.

Keep in mind: To utilize characters from, you should have Greasemonkey set up. Greasemonkey is an add-on for Firefox and can be discovered here.

Mafia Wars Autoplayer

The notorious Mafia Wars Autoplayer (MWAP) has been set up over 485,000 times and is extremely reliable at automating your gameplay.

When configuring, you will see MWAP (and the variation number) on the top right of your MW screen, in addition to Pause/Resume, Settings, and Log buttons. On the Settings screen, there is a lot of choices for you to toy around with. Here are some ideas for enhancing your configuration:.
Find more info:

Settings: Autostart Tab

Examine package to allow auto-stat. Now this page may look a bit complicated. However, it's truly rather easy. The method I utilize it is whatever I wish to update (like Energy) I set that field to a number beside absolutely no (e.g. Energy = 5 x Level + 0). This will make the MWAP usage ability points immediately to update the locations you select.

You can experiment with the ratios to obtain whatever ideal if you like, however, I discover this technique most convenient because I typically alter the settings by hand every day or two anyhow. The majority of the time I only leave it on Energy.

Settings: Energy Tab

Examine package at the top that states "˜Spend energy to carry out any mix of tasks'. Likewise, inspect "˜Optimize at end level'. Then set your "˜Master tier' to whatever level you are presently dealing with. MWAP will utilize your Energy to do tasks on the chosen line.

I want to set my timer to one that is greater than exactly what I am presently dealing with. The tasks in the upper levels offer you more Exp upon conclusion, permitting you to level up quicker. When MWAP is paused, I utilize an Energy Load and finish the lower levels I was dealing with.

Settings: Endurance Tab

Inspect package "˜Spend endurance to combat random challengers'. Set "˜Maximum level' to 2 and examine "˜Add my level'. This indicates you will not battle anybody that is more than two levels ahead of you (you cannot participate in many variations of the video game anyhow).

Likewise, inspect the "˜Add my mafia size' box and list an unfavorable number for "˜Maximum mafia.' In my case, I have 48 mafias, so I set the package to -28. That method MWAP will just combat those that have 1-20 mafia members (see Take advantage of the Weak area above).

Update MWAP

It is crucial that you look for updates to MWAP often as there is a minimum of one upgrade every day. If you cannot improve the script, possibilities are it will not work after a bit.


If you weren't a Mafia Wars specialist before reading this post, I believe you will be one rather quickly. Among the important things that make a video game like MW so enjoyable is that it's a numbers video game when you begin to see high numbers you feel as though you have achieved a good deal because you understand for how long it required to get to that point. Utilize these pointers, and you will accomplish your objectives in the video game.