Link Instagram to Facebook Page

The concern I get asked the most is ways to ensure your (brand name's) Instagram account can feed into your (brand name's) Facebook Page. Link Instagram to Facebook Page, While it's quite just to have an Instagram account feed into an individual Facebook profile, it's a little bit more complex to have Instagram go to a Facebook Page.

Simply a bit though. A while back I made a guide e-mail that I have been sending a lot, so I figured I put it up on here so everybody can see it. And conserve me a couple of e-mails, ha!

Another thing before I reveal the detailed tutorial, I do NOT suggest feeding your Instagram images to a Facebook page. The primary factor is that the Facebook edge rank (= algorithm) sees any link from beyond Facebook as a method to obtain individuals far from Facebook, and for that reason, it gets ranked lower.

Link Instagram to Facebook Page

The outcome is that method fewer individuals will see an Instagram image on a Facebook Page (in compare with a picture straight published to a Facebook Page). And fewer views on a post indicates the Discussing This ** number is decreasing, which will lead to a lower post reach in the (near) future.

Another need to not feed Instagram to a Facebook Page (or profile) is that the tagged accounts will not equate into Facebook. And tagging others (on any social networks platform) is the very best method to grow your fan base and increase the reach of a post.
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( ** Discussing This number must be 10-15% of your overall Facebook fans/likes).

Please make certain you are visited the Facebook and Facebook Pages (orange flag) apps before you begin!

Action 1: Visit into the Instagram app on your phone with the account you wish to share on the Facebook Page. Then log into your individual Facebook profile on your cell phone. (And ensure you are an admin of the Facebook Page).

Action 2: Open the Instagram and click the lower best tab (on the bottom). From there click the wheel in the upper right corner.

Action 3: Click the "Share Settings" button.

Action 4a: Click the "Facebook" button. It will now ask you to check in to your individual Facebook profile. Follow the actions. It may open Facebook for a 2nd and return to Instagram. It may even do this two times. Do not touch anything, simply let it pull it up and await it to be done.

Action 4b: Click "No" so you're not sharing your Instagram wants to your individual Facebook profile. Unless you wish to show the questionable things you like on Instagram to your Facebook good friends. (You're Instagram fans currently can see that, so you're currently getting it out there, do not fret).

Action 4c: You do not need to do anything, simply making certain the "Facebook" button is now showing the name of your individual Facebook profile.

Action 5: Click the "Facebook" button, and it needs to reveal now "Wall (Default)."

Action 6: Click "Wall (Default)" and now you see a list of all the Facebook pages you are an admin off. Select the one you desire, and you'll see the check mark on the Facebook Page you have chosen.

Link Instagram to Facebook Page

Action 7: Now go to the upper left corner and click "Facebook," "Sharing," "Options," and "Profile" and you're back to your Instagram profile tab/page. Now it's time to evaluate it out!

If this does not work indication from the Instagram and Facebook app on your phone, uninstall both apps and after that re-install both apps. After you have re-installed both apps switch off your phone and turn it back on. Then log in to Instagram and Facebook once again and duplicate the actions.

Action 8: Please do not slouch and feed each single Instagram picture to your Facebook page. Link Instagram to Facebook Page, It's dull when both platforms (and Twitter) reveal precisely the very same material! Besides that it reduces your Facebook Page (and Post) reach, in addition to making your Facebook posts appear like a tinker a lot of "@" and "#" indications. You're much better then that!

I 'd recommend feeding 1-2 from 10 Instagram images to your Facebook Page.