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Like Us on Facebook Button - The Facebook Developers area makes it relatively easy to develop a "Like" button for your website. As soon as you complete the first choices, Facebook generates code for you, which you can put on your site. When a visitor presses the "Like" button on your website, the info is sent out to Facebook. Getting a large quantity of "Likes" can assist you to get in touch with users, and might help more visitors discover your page.

Like Us on Facebook Button

Like Us on Facebook Button

1. Gain access to the Facebook Developers Like Button tool (link in Resources).

2. Select the field marked "URL To Like." Change the default text with the complete address of your website, such as "" without quote marks.

3. Click the "Width" field. Go into the wanted width of the plugin in pixels. For instance, type "300" without quote marks if you desire the whole "Like" button location to be 300 pixels broad.

4. Pick among the four choices from the "Design" fall menu. Usage "Requirement" for a fundamental horizontal design, or "button_count" to show the variety of individuals who "Like" your website. Pick "button" to reveal just the Facebook buttons without any additional text or "box_count" for a horizontal design.

5. Click the "Action Type" drop-down menu. Select either "Like" or "Recommend" to alter the phrasing of the button. Both variations carry out the very same action when the button is clicked.
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6. Inspect the alternative box marked "Program Buddies' Faces" if you desire Facebook profile images to appear beside the "Like" box. Click "Include Share Button" to position a share button beside the "Like" button.

7. Press "Get Code." Pick "HTML5," "XFBML," "IFRAME," or "URL" as the approach to embedding your code. Each choice develops the very same "Like" box. However, they are put on your website in various methods. If you are uncertain, click "IFRAME.".

8. Highlight and copy the code. Follow the directions to appropriately place the "Like" box code on your website. The particular information will differ, depending upon which embed approach you pick and the structure of your site.