Instagram Hashtags for Gaining New Followers

Hashtags are among the very best methods to obtain brand-new fans on Instagram. Utilizing the ideal hashtags can extend the reach of your images, indicating more individuals can find and engage with your material.

Instagram Hashtags for Gaining New Followers

However which hashtags should you utilize? There are three primary techniques you can utilize.

The very first is utilizing hyper-popular hashtags that get looked for usually. The excellent part about utilizing popular hashtags is that you understand lots of individuals are looking for them. And the bad part? Lots of individuals are looking for them. Simply puts, because many individuals are utilizing them, it can be harder for your pictures to obtain discovered.

The 2nd technique is to discover and utilize hashtags that are frequently utilized for getting more likes and follows (e.g., #like 4like and #follow 4follow). These will lead to more basic fans, which can be fantastic for getting in touch with a much larger audience.

The 3rd and last method is to determine exceptionally appropriate and particular hashtags that will be most likely to obtain you targeted fans. These hashtags are the ones most frequently utilized in your specific niche and will be the ones your target audience is probably to look for.

In my viewpoint, all these techniques can work well. In reality, utilizing them together is the very best method to obtain both optimum reach AND targeted fans. Instagram Hashtags for Gaining New Followers.
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Instagram Hashtags for Gaining New Followers

Technique 1: Utilize the most popular basic Instagram hashtags

I have created a list of 20 of the most popular basic hashtags being utilized on Instagram today. If you're searching for basic hashtags that are ensured to be popular, look no more.

Simply remember that there are constantly trending hashtags too; seek advice from Hashtag Iffy's Leading 30 Hashtags list routinely to discover the leading month-to-month and weekly trending hashtags!
  • #love: 1 billion+ posts
  • #instagood: 537 million+ posts
  • #photooftheday: 385 million+ posts
  • #beautiful: 359 million+ posts
  • #tbt (throwback Thursday): 355 million+ posts
  • #happy: 346 million+ posts
  • #cute: 346 million+ posts
  • #fashion: 339 million+ posts
  • #me: 311 million+ posts
  • #picoftheday: 289 million+ posts
  • #selfie: 288 million+ posts
  • #summer: 260 million+ posts
  • #friends: 254 million+ posts
  • #instadaily: 252 million+ posts
  • #girl: 240 million+ posts
  • #fun: 234 million+ posts
  • #repost: 225 million+ posts
  • #art: 224 million+ posts
  • #smile: 221 million+ posts
  • #food: 205 million+ posts

Technique # 2: Utilize the most popular hashtags for increasing fans and engagement

If you're searching for hashtags that are particularly tailored towards getting likes and follows, here are the ones that are utilized most regularly.
  • #follow: 306 million+ posts
  • #like 4like: 296 million+ posts
  • #tagsforlikes: 209 million+ posts
  • #instalike: 207+ million posts
  • #likeforlike: 193 million+ posts
  • #follow 4follow: 178 million+ posts
  • #followforfollow: 133 million+ posts
  • #l 4l: 123 million+ posts
  • #f 4f: 121 million+ posts
  • #followback: 76 million+ posts
  • #instafollow: 75 million+ posts
  • #likeforfollow: 42 million+ posts
  • #likeforlikes: 41 million+ posts
  • # 20likes: 41 million+ posts
  • #likeback: 37 million+ posts
  • #likes 4likes: 29 million+ posts
  • #followher: 29 million+ posts
  • #followhim: 24 million+ posts
  • #lfl: 23 million+ posts
  • #pleasefollow: 23 million+ posts
  • #like 4follow: 23 million+ posts
  • #teamfollowback: 22 million+ posts

Technique # 3: Usage tools to discover highly-relevant hashtags your target audience is utilizing

If it's quality of fans you're concentrated on instead of the amount, there are three tools I suggest for discovering industry-specific hashtags you can utilize.
  1. Usage Hashtagify to discover the leading influencers in your specific niche. Go to the Leading Influencers tab, and look for industry-related keywords. The free variation of Hashtagify will expose the leading six influencers for those keywords. Now you can examine to see which hashtags those influencers are utilizing.
  2. When you have recognized some popular hashtags in your specific niche, utilize Keyhole to recognize associated subjects. The best ways to do this: Go to Keyhole's web page and go into in a hashtag. Make certain to mark off the Instagram icon (not Twitter), then click the Browse Scroll to discover associated hashtags and keywords you can utilize.
  3. A relative beginner to the scene, For Show Functions Just, is a tool that has one function: to assist you in discovering popular hashtags connected to your main hashtag. To discover the most targeted hashtag outcomes, enter numerous hashtags at a time.

Instagram Hashtags for Gaining New Followers, For more suggestions for discovering Instagram hashtags, see my post The best ways to Discover Excellent Hashtags To Market Your Service.