How to Recover Facebook Account Without Email

On this day, I will be giving a tutorial that might help you. This tutorial I am going to discuss which is about "How to Recover Facebook Account Without Email" for it please follow the tutorial below.

how to recover facebook account without email


  1. Logon to Facebook Login Page.

  2. Now go into e-mail address or Phone numb er of the field defined for it.

  3. There on the screen, you will see a link suggesting that you had forgotten your password.

  4. Click "Forget Password."

  5. Afterward, enter your username, e-mail or Cellphone number to recognize your Facebook account.

  6. At this moment you will click "Not access to these" to continue to next page.

  7. Now go into a legitimate e-mail address to obtain it signed up appropriately.

  8. Then having been worn, you will now have all your security concerns responded to correctly.

  9. Afterward, if your responses were appropriate your Facebook recuperate an account without e-mail is finished.
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