How to Hide Friend List on Facebook

I regularly state ask, and you shall get ... and a buddy of mine positioned this concern to me on Facebook simply last night: "How to hide friend list on Facebook?" Others ask me, "Why would I wish to cover my Facebook Pal List from "Everybody" and even from my other pals."

Well, to some Facebook has rapidly yet another location for spammers to pirate e-mail addresses and "harvest" pals.

how to hide friend list on facebook from public

If you have been utilizing Facebook for any length of time, you most likely understand exactly what I suggest. You accept a buddy demand from a single person that you have a couple of pals in typical with, and the next thing you understand you have 200 friends in usual with them. These are the folks that send you a good friend demand hoping you'll accept so they can then access your buddy list and send out all your pals Facebook Pal Welcomes.

Others who utilize their Facebook profile for individual factors just, wish to conceal their good friend list to safeguard their pals from getting bombarded with good friend demands from their other pals.

If you do want to cover your Facebook buddies on your profile, there are two methods to hide your Facebook Buddy List on your profile:

How to Hide Friend List on Facebook

1. From the Personal privacy Settings page, follow the View Settings link under the Basic Directory site Info area of the Personal Privacy Settings page. Change the See My Buddy List setting (Screen shots listed below).

Keep in mind that many people get to evaluate shot four revealed following and never even see the alternative to Tailor their Facebook Pal List Settings. It's just when you click Personalize that you can get particular with your settings and pick Pals of Pals, Pals Just, Particular Individuals, or Just Me. At this moment, you'll see that you likewise have the choice to conceal your Facebook Pals from specific individuals (screen shot five listed below).

How to Hide Friend List on Facebook

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2. Straight from your profile, click the pencil icon in the Buddies box on your profile. Then, click Modification Exposure Settings (screen shots listed below).
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If you do not wish to conceal your good friends and you like showing your Facebook Buddies List, you still have choices. When you click the pencil icon in the Pals box, you have the chance to select the number of good friends to show in the Pals box on your profile. The default is 6. However, you can alter it to 9 or 12. You likewise have the choice to choose which good friends get displayed in the package. By default, Facebook arbitrarily pulls the good friends that appear. However, you can manage the settings by typing your good friend's names in the Always Program These Pals field.

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