How to Delete Facebook Posts

This guide will reveal you how to delete Facebook posts within an app (iOS or Android) and on

how to delete facebook posts

How to Delete Facebook Posts

Facebook App:

Please describe THIS upgraded position to discover the means to delete/hide a post using the Facebook App.
  1. See the post that requires erasing.
  2. Swipe throughout the post (does not matter exactly what instructions). If the swipe does not work the very first time, attempt to swipe greater or lower on the post.
  3. Either a RED Eliminate button or an "X" will pop up.
  4. Tap the button and if there has to be a verification of removal, tap the choice preferred.
Look At This:

  1. Discover the post that requires erasing.
  2. Hover the cursor over the leading righthand corner of the post.
  3. A Star and Edit sign will appear.
  4. Click the Edit sign (the right-side icon).
  5. Discover the Erase alternative or Conceal Post alternative.
  6. Click the wanted choice.
  7. Verify if required.