How to Delete Facebook Group Page

There might come a time when you feel that your Facebook group is not serving its function. Or you might wish to close your group because of constant ads appearing in the conversation online forum. Feel confident; you are not the only one who has needed to handle spammers jamming up your news feed. How to delete Facebook group page...

Here is another factor that possibly you have seen more frequently than those ridiculous click-bait posts: the hate-spewing remarks. There is a crucial difference to bear in mind about comments in threads. There is a world of distinction in between slamming a concept and damning a person. Do not correspond the previous with the latter, and wind up erasing your Facebook group.

Although, if you discover real hatemongers who are decreasing the quality of material in your group, you might simply want to back out. Here is a detailed tutorial for erasing your Facebook group.

Please Keep in mind: If you are the admin of the Group, you can erase a Group by the approach provided listed below irrespective of that there are numerous admins in the Group

How to Delete Facebook Group Page

Action 1. Login to Facebook

How to delete facebook group page

Open the page at, enter your username and password and log in.

Action 2. Go to your group page.

how to delete facebook group

In the left panel of your Facebook homepage, you will see an area called "Groups." Under this area, try to find the name of your group and click it.

Action 3. If your group is not on the list.

how to delete facebook group i created

If you can not discover your group noted in the "Groups" area, click the "Groups" area title.

Step 4. Look for your group.

how to delete facebook group i created

Under the "Your Groups" tab, look for the name of your group and click it.

Step 5. Open the "Members" tab.

how to delete a facebook group you made

When you reach your group homepage, try to find the "Members" tab in the choices listed below the cover image and click it.
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Action 6. Erase the group's members.

how to delete a group i created on facebook

By hand erase all the members of the group utilizing the "equipment" button that appears to the right of a member's name. Click the "stuff" to show a brief drop-down menu. Select "Get rid of from Group.".

Action 7. Verify the elimination.

how do i delete a group i created on facebook

Click "Validate" in the pop-up window to verify the elimination of the member from the group. Repeat these actions to eliminate all team members, till you are the last one left in the group.

Step 8. Eliminate yourself.

how do i delete a group i've created on facebook

Now, follow the very same procedure to eliminate yourself. Click the "equipment" button and choose "Leave Group" from the drop-down menu.

Step 9. Leave and erase the group.

how to delete a group on facebook that i joined

A timely will appear cautioning you that your elimination will trigger the removal of the group. To verify this is your objective, click "Leave and Erase.