How to Delete Email Address on Facebook

This time I will discuss "How to Delete an Email Address on Facebook" Please follow the tutorial below.

How to Delete Email Address on Facebook

How to Delete an Email Address on Facebook Profile

If you have numerous e-mail addresses in your profile, you can erase all them till you are entrusted just one, which you have to keep; if you choose to alter contact e-mail to another address later, all you have to do is include it back and pick it rather (as we described in the first tutorial Change Email Address on Facebook).

how to remove email address on facebook

To erase that e-mail address, just click the "Get rid of" link beside it: Facebook will ask you to enter your account password as the security check, and it will be gotten rid of as soon as you click the "Validate" button.
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Keep in mind: if you can not get rid of an e-mail address from your Facebook profile (and still have numerous addresses on file), it just suggests that this particular address is your contact e-mail; simply alter your contact e-mail to another address, and you'll have the ability to erase that other e-mail account!