How to Deactivate and Delete Your Facebook Account

Facebook can be downright frustrating sometimes, or perhaps you simply wish to go off the radar for a little while. Here are how to deactivate and delete your Facebook account.

- To completely delete your Facebook account login the Erase Account page
- Click 'Erase my account.'
- Additionally, momentarily shut off Facebook in Settings, Security, Deactivate your account

It is essential to comprehend the distinction in between briefly deactivating your Facebook account and completely erasing your Facebook account. When momentarily deactivating your Facebook account your information will stay on Facebook's servers, and to reactivate your Facebook account, all you have to do is log in once again.

This is perfect if you may go back to the social media network at a later date, and in the meantime, no-one will have the ability to discover you through Facebook's Browse function, nor see your profile online.

In completely erasing your Facebook account, nevertheless, your pictures, messages, posts and more are gone permanently. There is a method to download all the details from your Facebook account before you erase it, however, which we'll describe later on in this post.

How to Deactivate and Delete Your Facebook Account

How to Deactivate and Delete Your Facebook Account

The best ways to briefly shut down the Facebook account.

To temporarily deactivate your Facebook account you initially have to log into the social media. Click the down arrow in the blue bar at the top of the window and pick Settings. This will take you to your General Account Settings page. Select the Security tab left wing.

To momentarily deactivate your account you must click the bottom link here to 'Deactivate your account.'

Facebook will discuss that: "Deactivating your account will disable your Profile and eliminate your name and picture from many things that you have shared on Facebook. Some info might still show up to others, such as your name in their Buddies list and messages that you have sent out.".

Click the 'Deactivate your account' listed below this message.

How to temporarily deactivate Facebook account

Facebook will attempt to persuade you to remain by revealing you a few of your buddies who may miss you, and it will ask you to state why you wish to leave - with alternatives varying from an absence of understanding of Facebook or the confession that you invest excessive time utilizing it.

If you're the sole admin of any Facebook Pages, they'll be shut off unless you decide to hand down your admin responsibilities to a pal. You can do so by clicking the 'Edit Admins' button provided here.

Lastly, we 'd recommend you to tick the 'Email pull out' choice. Otherwise, you'll risk of getting occasion welcomes and more congesting your inbox.

Now, all that's delegated do is click 'Verify, ' and your account will be shut off. Keep in mind, logging back into Facebook like regular will reactivate your account.

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The best ways to completely erase Facebook account.

If you have chosen that you wish to delete your Facebook account completely, you'll have to set about things somewhat in a different way. See Facebook's Erase Account page (click on this link) and log in (if have not currently).

You'll then have to click "Erase my account," however please ensure that you're specific that you do not ever wish to review your Facebook account once again.

How to permanently delete Facebook account

Before you go - Ways to download Facebook information.

If you wish to keep the details and information on your Facebook account before you erase it, you can download whatever as an archive onto your computer system. To do this, you'll have to be visited.

Browse to the arrow to the right of the blue bar at the top of your Facebook window, click 'Settings' then click 'Download a copy of your Facebook information' at the bottom of the page. You'll then have to click the green 'Start My Archive' button download get whatever consisting of posts, pictures, videos, messages, chats and info from Facebook.

How to download Facebook data