How to Change My Facebook Name

If you have just recently altered your name, or you wish to separate your expert life from your individual life, you'll likely want to change your name on Facebook. How to change my Facebook name? Facebook discredit utilizing false names, however, permits you to make modifications to your true name as much as four times.

To alter your name on Facebook, log into Facebook and browse to your "Account Settings," then click your name to open the name editor (or go to "General" and "Call" if utilizing the mobile app). Modification your very first, middle, and surname as relevant, then click "Conserve Modifications" to finish the procedure.

How to Change My Facebook Name

How to change my facebook name

1. Open your account settings. Visit Facebook and click the Equipment icon in the top-right corner of the page. Select "Account Settings."

  • To access this on the mobile app, click the menu button in the top-left corner and scroll down to Account Settings. Select General, then tap Call.

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2. Click your name to open the name editor. You can get in a First, Middle, and Surname, along with an Alternate name (such as a label or first name).

  • Your name can just be altered four times.
  • Facebook desires you to note your name as it appears on your charge card or ID.
  • You can not utilize signs, numbers, random capitalization, or punctuation.
  • Your middle name can not be words or expressions.
  • Labels must be variations on your true name (Jim rather of James, Meg rather of Megan, and so on).

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3. Enter your true name. Facebook does not enable you to impersonate another person or produce a page for an imaginary character. Accounts discovered in the offense of this will be required to alter the name.

  • If you wish to produce a represent a company, service, or a family pet, you will have to create a Facebook Page.

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4. Enter your password. To alter your name, you will have to enter your password into the package before you are permitted to conserve your modifications.

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5. Click Conserve Modifications. Your brand-new name will be conserved, and the modification will review your Profile quickly. It can use up to 24 Hr for a name change to be authorized.