How to Cancel Your Facebook Account

How to cancel your Facebook account - Facebook can be utilized to promote your company and engage with colleagues, customers, and providers, however, Facebook is not a useful tool for every single organization, and for some, it is a diversion in the office. You can deactivate your Facebook account through the Security page of your Account Settings screen. Deactivating your account erases your Timeline and gets rid of all info you have published on Facebook.

How to cancel your facebook account

How to Cancel Your Facebook Account

Action 1

Click the downward-facing account menu arrow in the leading right corner of any Facebook page.

Action 2

Click "Account Settings" on the drop-down menu.

Action 3

Click "Security" on the menu along the left side of the Account Settings screen.

Action 4

Click the "Deactivate your account" link.

Action 5

Scroll down and pick the radio button beside the factor you are leaving Facebook.
Check here:

Action 6

Click "Email pull out" check box to pull out of getting future e-mails from Facebook. This work is optional.

Action 7

Click the "Validate" button to cancel your Facebook account.