How Many Hashtags Are Too Many on Instagram

Among THE most typical concerns, I get asked when I am assisting in Instagram training is "the number of hashtags should I utilize on my posts?" It is among those subjects which appear to divide even the most skilled of Instagrammers.

How Many Hashtags Are Too Many on Instagram

So, let me toss my 2 cents in for your factor to consider.

Before I do that, however, let's summarize exactly what a hashtag is. They were produced to aggregate material. Hashtags permit individuals online to look for particular styles and material by merely including a # sign before the text, making the hashtag clickable and a method of accessing all other material on that network with the very same tag.

While the modest hashtag has penetrated everyday language and interaction, even being utilized offline, it still feels more in your home on Twitter and Instagram than other networks.

Now when it pertains to Twitter, due to the character restricts enforced, you need to be incredibly selective and tactical when it concerns which hashtags you opt to utilize.

Nevertheless, over on Instagram, you can (and individuals do) utilize 10s of hashtags on every post they do, trying to find as much direct exposure as they can get, hoping that the more hashtags they utilize, the more eyeballs will see their material and engage with it and follow their account.

How Many Hashtags Are Too Many on Instagram

So back to the preliminary concern ... the number of hashtags NEED TO you utilize on each post.

Initially, let's think about a couple of things:


Exactly what's your goal when utilizing Instagram? If you're a regional company servicing a regional market, acquiring enormous fan numbers may be great for the ego. However, the truth is those individuals are not likely to lead to service for you. If nevertheless you're an Instagram influencer, and a big reach and audience are your crucial worth, then the volume of fans you have is most likely to be essential to you.
My review here:


Similar to Facebook, Instagram is aiming to present their newsfeed algorithm quickly. Which indicates your engagement rate (i.e., the variety of interactions on your material as a portion of your fan base) is most likely to affect your natural reach. So now more than ever it is essential that those fans in your neighborhood are truly thinking about your material.

Nevertheless, it might likewise be stated, that utilizing broadly and extremely browsed hashtags and getting engagement from anybody on your posts will end up being a crucial method to nearly cheating the system.

Who understands. However for my cash I reckon focusing your energy and attention on developing important and excellent content pertinent to your target market ought to constantly be your primary technique.


There is a variety of popular and prominent Instagram accounts out there who have constructed their occurrence on Instagram through being aggregators of user created material. Make certain you understand who in your market shares material with an audience you wish to reach.

Tourist organizations? Food customers? Media publications? Discover their hashtags and make sure to include them where the material would pertain to their audience. For instance #seeaustralia #restaurantaustralia #visitnsw #adventurequeensland #brisbanefood and so on


BE OBSERVANT. Instagram themselves have released a great little blog site on ideas for utilizing hashtags. The crucial messages are.
  • Specify take care not to be so broad that you miss out on getting in touch with similar individuals.
  • Matter it will assist you to bring in brand-new fans who are truly thinking about the material you share.
  • Be Observant focus on the hashtags other individuals utilize that likewise utilize the very same hashtag as you do, as well as exactly what other individuals in your market or services like yours usage.

POINTER: If you do opt to utilize great deals of hashtags, you do not have to include them all in the picture caption. You can lead with the most essential ones you wish to promote or engage with, and after that include more to the very first remark under the picture.

If you're searching for a simple option to source hashtags, we are enjoying an iOS app called Grama at the minute. Grama assists you discover the very best hashtags for your Instagram images. All you do is key in a single hashtag, press search, and Grama will search Instagram to discover the very best associated hashtags. How Many Hashtags Are Too Many on Instagram, Then you click a button, copy all the tags you picked (based upon whatever you now comprehend after reading this blog site; RRB-) then paste them straight into Instagram.

Hope this assists! If you seem like you require more insight into Instagram, and ways to truly optimize it for your service, we provide training and consulting. Simply contact us to learn more.